Wealth and portfolio tracking are essential for every retail investor. However, in the age of multiple investment vehicles across traditional and digital assets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of everything we own.

Nowadays, an individual owns assets across different investment vehicles like crypto, stocks, retirement accounts, real estate, NFTs, mutual funds, and more. This means that your investments are spread across multiple applications and bank accounts. Most people try to use excel sheets for asset tracking; however, assets recorded in excel do not update as they appreciate or depreciate, making it less efficient.

A more efficient asset tracking process would be where asset value can update as the market changes, which is where Cova comes in.

Cova is an asset management and tracking tool that helps you to track everything you own in one place and calculates your net worth. With Cova, you can connect and see all asset classes like real estate, stocks, crypto, mutual funds, and more in one place. In addition, Cova also tracks your liabilities like credit cards, and all form of loans, making it the most reliable way to track your net worth.

The Cova dashboard

In addition to asset tracking, Cova is equipped to help users transfer assets to assigned beneficiaries in case of unforeseen events like death, using the LifeCheck feature. Your assets and investments are transferred to a known recipient in case of death or incapacitation.

Cova is available in Canada, and users can track all Canadian bank accounts, stocks, ETFs, retirement accounts, crypto, and more in one place.

Connect your Canadian assets to Cova

How does Cova work?

  • Create an account on getcova.com
  • Connect your bank accounts, crypto wallets, investment apps, ETFs, arts, NFTs, and more. Without leaving anything out.
  • Connect your liabilities and everything you own to calculate your net worth correctly.
  • Assign a recipient, someone to receive your assets just in case.
  • Watch your net worth grow, all in one place.