Your portfolio is a collection of financial investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, cash, crypto, real estate, start-up investments, and more. In addition, a portfolio may contain a wide range of digital and traditional assets.

Your stock portfolio is a collection of all the stocks and shares of companies you own, including Apple, Tesla, AT&T, and more.

Building a diverse stock portfolio is vital for risk management; if one company takes a hit, your stock investments in other companies won’t be affected, making your portfolio resilient.

Is there an app to track my stock portfolio?

Having a diversified stock portfolio also means keeping track of your investments may become difficult, especially if the stocks were purchased using different vehicles.

So, how do you keep track of your stock portfolio? - by using an asset and portfolio tracking tool that lets you track, see and manage your investments in one place.

This is where Cova comes in;

Cova is an all-in-one portfolio tracking tool that lets you track all your investments in one place, including your diverse stock portfolio. With Cova, you can track over 150,000 stocks globally and sync their balances in real-time.

There are three methods for tracking your stock portfolio on Cova.

How to track your stock portfolio
  1. Connect your investment apps, e.g., TD Ameritrade, and track your portfolio in real-time.
  2. Add your stock tickers, e.g., TESLA, APPLE. MICROSOFT to get real-time market updates on the stock you own.
  3. Track the value of your stock portfolio manually by adding the name of your stock and the value.

Using these three options, you can stay abreast of your stock portfolio and commit to building a more diversified portfolio.

An essential feature of Cova is the LifeCheck which allows you to assign a recipient who will receive your portfolio records in case of unexpected events like death or incapacitation. This way, you ensure that your portfolio does not go undiscovered or unclaimed.

To use Cova for Free, go to to sign up and start tracking your stock portfolio.

Track your stock portfolio in one place with Cova