Peace of mind
Life happens. Setup your beneficiaries and life-checker. Never worry about what happens in the event of an eventuality.
Limitless Portfolio Tracking
From alternative assets, digital assets to traditional assets like real estate and stocks, Cova empowers you to track everything.
Your privacy comes first
Your data is fully encrypted. We take your privacy seriously. No one at Cova sees your portfolio data.
Ever asked any of these questions?
Cova is for you.
Can my loved ones discover my Cryptocurrency assets in the event of an emergency?
Over 25% of Bitcoin is lost due to the owners passing away without notifying family members of their existence or how to access the coins.
Can my family member discover my assets if anything happens to me?
There are over $80b worth of unclaimed assets in the United States. It’s important to ensure everything you own can be discovered by your loved ones in the event of death.
How do I increase my family’s net worth?
Building up multiple assets, cutting debt, paying loans, and limiting liabilities increase your overall net worth. In addition, tracking your wealth and planning your estate helps you to preserve your family’s wealth.
What’s my Net worth?
Knowing your net worth can be as simple as signing into your Cova dashboard, where your assets and liabilities are tracked and your net worth calculated. No complex sheets.
What’s the market value of my property?
The property market is ever-changing; whether looking to sell your property or just wanting to know the worth of your property and how it impacts your net worth, a quick login into your Cova account and connecting searching your property address with the real estate tracking tool provides the current market value of any property across the united states.
Can my spouse see everything we’ve built together?
It’s important for spouses to plan their finances together. This begins with the ability to keep track of assets, liabilities, and every other aspect of their financial health together.
How do I manage all my financial documents?
Managing your financial and business documents alongside your assets is more efficient. You can then track your wealth and associated documents in one place. That's what the Cova vault helps you do with your financial documents.
How do I keep track of all my assets?
Excel sheets can no longer perform the diverse functions of keeping track of everything owned or owed. This is where an intelligent tool like Cova comes in.
How do I ensure my assets don’t become unclaimed assets if anything happens to me?
Life happens; planning with Cova gives peace of mind. Collaborate with family members and advisors in real-time, or set up Lifecheck to share your financial data with family members if the unexpected happens to you.
Can my spouse find my insurance policies if I die?
Several family members cannot access life insurance policies to which they are beneficiaries because of a lack of information. Cova’s Lifecheck can help notify and share financial information with your family if anything happens to you.
Track everything you own - in realtime
Track digital and traditional assets
Sync your bank, wallets and investments to Cova. Get their balances in real-time and easily track their growth and performance.
Borderless asset tracking
Cova supports over 11,000 financial institutions in North America, 25 Crypto-exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, Trust Wallets, over 8,000 crypto-tickers, over 150,000 stocks tickers from 65 exchanges globally.
Be ready for all emergencies
Set up beneficiaries and life checker
Create a beneficiary profile and set up a dead man switch to notify your chosen beneficiary of your portfolio in the event of an emergency.
Manage crucial documents
Cova comes with a secured vault where you can keep crucial documents like wills, trusts, photographs, videos and special notes for your loved ones.
How it works
How it works
Secure wealth tracking
Data Encryption for your financial data
Your data on Cova is encrypted at rest, in transit and in use. All information is stored using AES-256 encryption. Our internal processes ensure no one at Cova gets to see your portfolio data.
2FA authentication and vault PIN
We enforce 2FA to help ensure your data in secured with a unique PIN to your Cova Vault. Cova also notifies you of every unusual login on your account.
Collaborate with others on your portfolio
Grant access to the important people
Grant your attorney, financial planners, advisors, and credit institutions remote and secure access to your financial portfolio for credit, estate planning, and other purposes.
Make smart investment decisions together
Securely collaborate with your spouse and the most important people in your life. Share your net worth and asset data for loan and credit purposes.
How it works
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I searched the internet for a solution to help me consolidate my investments online and give access to my family in case I'm not around, then Cova came.
Emmanuel, San Jose, USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Cova transfer my portfolio information to my beneficiary?
If you stop being active on Cova. Cova will send emails to remind you to click a link as proof of life. If you don’t click the proof of life link after a certain number of days, Cova will email a Zip folder containing your Cova portfolio information to your beneficiary. You can set your transfer protocol and the number of active days required.
I have a will or already have a living trust, do I still need Cova?  
How secure is Cova? 
What types of asset classes can I add/track with Cova? 
What does Beneficiary and Trusted Helper mean?
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