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Organize your wealth.
Protect your loved ones.

Cova helps you organize all your assets in one place, tracks your net worth and securely notify your loved ones in the event of an eventuality.

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Peace of mind
Life happens. Setup your beneficiaries and life-checker. Never worry about what happens in the event of an eventuality.
Limitless Portfolio Tracking
From alternative assets, digital assets to traditional assets like real estate and stocks, Cova empowers you to track everything.
Your privacy comes first
Your data is fully encrypted. We take your privacy seriously. No one at Cova sees your portfolio data.
Track everything you own - in realtime
Track digital and traditional assets
Sync your bank, wallets and investments to Cova. Get their balances in real-time and easily track their growth and performance.
Borderless asset tracking
Cova supports over 11,000 financial institutions in North America, 25 Crypto exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, Trust Wallets, over 8,000 crypto tickers, over 150,000 stocks tickers from 65 stocker exchanges globally.
Be ready for all emergencies
Set up beneficiaries and life checker
Create a beneficiary profile and set up a dead man switch to notify your chosen beneficiary of your portfolio in the event of an emergency.
Manage crucial documents
Cova comes with a secured vault where you can keep crucial documents like wills, trusts, photographs, videos and special notes for your loved ones.