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Securely track all your assets in one place

Organize cryptocurrencies, bank accounts, stocks, investments and safely transfer your information to your beneficiaries in case of eventualities.

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The journey to planning your inheritance starts with tracking your assets

here’s how it works

Connect & track your cryptocurrencies and wallets

Connect your wallets and cryptocurrencies, get their balances in real-time and easily track their growth with Cova.

Track your bank and investments accounts balances

See all your investments in one place. Cova uses industry-leading aggregation technology to give you access to your bank, retirement, and investment accounts.

Add your traditional assets, create your digital vault.

Add traditional assets like real estate properties, cars, etc. Add their values and upload vital supporting documents. Cova is fully secured.

Safely transfer your portfolio to your chosen beneficiaries.

Decide who receives access to your assets and safely transfer this information to them in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

Secure Wealth Tracking & Portfolio Management.

Cova uses end-to-end encryption to keep your data secure. All information is stored using AES-256 encryption. Our internal processes ensure no one at Cova gets to see your portfolio data.

We use bank-grade security, working with the world’s best financial data partners to securely access and manage your financial data. We understand your store and track your sensitive data with Cova.

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We do not sell or share your user data with anyone. We make money by charging a yearly/monthly subscription.



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