Cova's LifeCheck

Cova's LifeCheck manages your active status and the transfer of your portfolio to assigned recipients when you become inactive.

You have the liberty to choose how often Cova should check in with you, depending on a certain number of inactive days, and subsequently contact your recipient(s) if you have been confirmed inactive.

How Cova transfers your portfolio

A recipient is someone you trust to handle your financial affairs in case the unexpected happens. They will get full access to your portfolio and other documents managed on Cova.

Depending on the number of days you set for Cova to check on you if you become inactive, Cova will send you one reminder every day and will only contact your recipient if you do not respond to the reminders.

When confirmed that you are no longer active, Cova will contact your first recipient through the designated email and will follow a series of security checks before they can access your portfolio. Including answering security questions set by you. Therefore, ensure that your recipient can answer any security question you set.

A second recipient is contacted to receive your portfolio if the first recipient cannot be reached. This is to ensure that someone can receive your portfolio when the time comes, so your portfolio is not left unclaimed.

How to add a recipient to your portfolio

Many families are left stranded when a bread winner passes, Cova helps to protect your loved ones by making sure they have access to your wealth in case of unexpected events.