Binance is renowned and widely used amongst crypto traders for its wide variety of trading pairs, with altcoins deemed too speculative by most other exchanges.

However, among the many reasons why people seek alternatives to Binance is that in the United States, Binance only provides limited access to altcoins and requires the know your customer (KYC) compliance to create an account.

Here are some of the best Binance Alternatives;


One of the best crypto apps on the market, Coinbase targets the beginner and offers one of the best user experiences.

Coinbase Pro is for the slightly more experienced user who enjoys spot trades and cheaper fees.

Access to Pro and the beginner account is with the same login credentials. Thus, Coinbase offers the best of both worlds, considering the lower fees on Coinbase Pro.


Gemini is a solid pick for beginners and even intermediate users who are just looking for an on-off ramp from fiat.

The Gemini exchange offers a great selection of altcoins, a beginner-friendly user experience, and a staking option that lets users earn passive income by staking idle cryptocurrencies.

Robinhood Crypto

Robinhood Crypto offers fee-free Crypto trading. In addition, Robinhood holds complete custody over a users’ assets, meaning that transferring or staking existing portfolios is not allowed.


Voyager is also a fee-free crypto trading platform only available on mobile at the time f this writing. In contrast to Robinhood Crypto, Voyager allows you to transfers your asset to other crypto wallets and DeFi protocols.


With Crumbs, you can easily invest your spare change in crypto assets by automating the process of investing.


Uphold can be considered a great spot to purchase digital forms of money. Anybody can exchange between cryptocurrencies, valuable metals, U.S. equities, and public currencies in one fast and straightforward way.


Kraken is one of the most stable crypto exchanges with vast liquidity. In addition, users consider Kraken to be genuine and well-organized.


SimpleSwap does not require users to sign up strictly, trades 300+ digital currencies, and gives boundless trades at great rates. In addition, a support group is prepared to assist with any inquiries every minute of every day.

This exchange has an astronomical number of supported coins and trading volume - this number only rivals Binance's. However, some users may be disappointed with's lack of fiat currency support and higher costs than Binance.


Bittrex is known for quick order execution. It adheres to many monetary standards, even more than Binance. A banking card can be used to deposit fiat cash on Bittrex. However, Bittrex charges a higher exchange rate resulting in up to 0.2% fees on every exchange compared to Binance.

With the disparities amongst all the crypto trading tools, there are chances that you have your crypto assets spread across different apps, requiring extra time and effort to track them all.

With Cova, you can connect all your crypto trading apps in one place and track your cryptocurrencies on a single dashboard. It takes only 5 minutes to set up a free account.