Our investments
are more diverse and fragmented than ever
With alternative assets, brokerage apps, cryptocurrencies, cross border fintech apps, and fractional asset ownerships, it’s becoming more difficult to keep track of our investments without the fears losing track. That’s where Cova comes in.
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Cova gives you control of your wealth and ensures your assets never become unclaimed assets in the event of an eventuality.
Value of unclaimed assets in the United States
Value of unclaimed assets in the United Kingdom
Value of unclaimed assets in South Africa
The number is unknown for the rest of the world 🌎
Track everything you own
It's hard to keep track of all your scattered Investments. Cova combines asset classes including traditional assets and digital cryptocurrencies not offered by platforms like Personal Capital, Mint & YNAB, or any other solutions out there.
A better alternative to Google sheets
Cova syncs balances from all your banks, wallets, and investments apps offering the best alternative to your Google & Excel sheets. Cova gives you a true picture of your investments.
Be ready for all emergencies
Cova’s beneficiary feature lets you set up a dead man switch that notifies your chosen family member of your portfolio data in the event you stopped being active on the app.
Manage crucial documents
Cova comes with a secured vault where you can keep documents like Wills, Trusts, and other documents that are crucial to your assets.

Plan for the long-term

Start organizing your assets, track your net worth, build your digital vault. Take control of your wealth today.

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