Automatically keep track of all your assets with Cova
Say goodbye to manual portfolio tracking and managing our assets with paper and excel sheets. Never worry about the fear of "what happens to my assets in the event of an eventuality."
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4 steps to managing your portfolio with Cova
Create an account.
Create a Cova account, choose a plan and enjoy free one-month access to Cova. No need to enter your credit card details. You will be good to go in minutes.
Link your accounts, apps, assets, add traditional holdings.
Connect your bank accounts, Brokerages, Crypto-exchange accounts, stock tickers, and more. Manually add traditional assets and documents related to each asset. Cova automatically syncs your balances and holdings across all your accounts.
Setup your beneficiaries & life-checker settings.
Add a beneficiary and trusted angel to your portfolio. Add your life-checker checker settings. Cova will use your settings to check you when we become inactive on the app. Cova automatically notifies your beneficiaries following your life-checker settings.
Share your financial portfolio data in real-time
Securely collaborate with your spouse, attorney, advisors, and planners in real-time, share your growing portfolio data with people who matter to you. Make smart investment decisions together. Share your net worth and asset data for loan and credit purposes.

Plan for the long-term

Start organizing your assets, track your net worth, build your digital vault. Take control of your wealth today.

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