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Real-time tracking tools
Offer real-time asset and portfolio management tools for your millennial and GenZ clients.
Sync financial institutions
Sync bank accounts, crypto wallets, brokerage apps, real estate, stocks and more.
Empower your clients
Give your clients a mobile tool that makes it easy to track and build wealth.
Reduce advisory paperwork
Get your clients to share the portfolio with you in real-time with the needed Excel sheets and account statements back and forth.
Digital and Crypto first
Cova lets your clients sync and tracks their cryptocurrency holdings across 31 crypto wallets,, including Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin, TrustWallet, etc.
Go digital. Go mobile.
Your young, millennial, and Genz tech-savvy clients make investment decisions on their phones, give them a tool that makes tracking their assets easy.
The perfect tool to work with Millennials, Genz and Crypto-savvy clients.
See what your clients see in their investment apps and portfolios in real-time.
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